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Puckington, England was the home of Alfred Woodland before he came to America. On July 1, 1998, Susan Woodland Howard visited the city and on August 18, 2002, her son, Jonathan Howard visited the city. Here are a few of their photos.


Entering the town of Puckington from south heading north.

Modern Puckington Home

Driveway for a Puckinton home

Puckington Thatched Roof Home

Puckington residences

Detail of Thatch Roof

Susan in Puckington in front of lovely home.

Susan walking into Puckington

Puckington downtown scene

Flowers growing in crack in Puckington wall

Looking south on Puckington main street one sees Susan standing near a Puckinton thatched roof home

Same spot as prior view - different angle.

Looking east one sees fields coming into Puckinton with Susan

Puckington Main Street

Home in Puckington

Home in Puckington on Main Street

Driving into Puckington.

Puckington Farm Land.

More Puckington Farm Land.

Puckington view.

School doorway.

Fuller view.